About InTheMoney Options

InTheMoney Options was founded by Les Hodges, a former engineer and corporate patent attorney who always had a passion for teaching. After learning how to consistently make money trading options (no matter what the market is doing), he said good-bye to his corporate day job and became a full-time trader and trading coach.  He now enjoys helping both newbies and experienced traders alike to take the mystery and fear out of trading options, and replace it with consistency and confidence.

Les and his family currently live in Austin, Texas.

Something for Every Type of "Trading Personality"

No two traders are alike.  We all have our own unique abilities, preferences and goals.  What we call a "trading personality". 

One trader might prefer shorter-term trades, while another prefers longer-term.  One likes to be more active and hands-on, while another would rather "set it and forget it" and be more passive. 

But one thing we all have in common:  No one wants to be glued to a trading screen all day, because time is precious.  We can always try to make more money, but there's only so much time.

These two principles – i.e., the diversity of trading styles, and the importance of time – are what drove us to create a range of different trading systems, all focused on taking as little time as possible to learn the system and execute the trades.

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