Free Webinars on How You Can Use Options 
to Diversify and Protect Your Portfolio 
and Consistently Generate Profits
  •  VERY SHORT duration -- In one day, out the next
  •  Uses Weekly Options on 260+ stocks

Take advantage of the "IV Crush" phenomenon that happens around the Earnings Announcements of certain stocks. (This pattern is highly predictable ... and can be highly profitable.)

  • MEDIUM duration -- typically 3-4 weeks
  • Uses Monthly Options on blue-chip stocks

Use options to buy stocks below market price, to create income from the stocks you own, and to get free downside protection against a market crash. (And get paid while you wait.)

  • MEDIUM duration -- typically 2-4 weeks
  •  Uses Monthly Options on SPX(SPY) and RUT(IWM)

Use the diversity and liquidity of the S&P 500 and the Russell 2000 to generate monthly income. Uses index options (for larger accounts) or ETF options (for smaller accounts).

  • SHORT/MEDIUM duration -- typically 1-3 weeks
  • Uses Weekly/Monthly Options on 100+ stocks and ETFs

Use a special indicator to signal when there are "extreme" conditions in the price of certain highly liquid stocks and ETFs, and ride the profit curve as the stock/ETF price moves back to "normal". 

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